How are viewings arranged?
Once you have seen all our properties on the website, we are sure that you will be interested in visiting Tropea to view at least one of them, if not more! Simply complete the ‘contact us' form, letting us know your requirements and we will make the viewing arrangements at this end. Once you have booked your flight and arrived in Italy, you will be picked up at the airport or met in Tropea. We will organise your chosen viewings and will accompany you when you view.

Which airports do I fly from and into?
To find the best budget airlines flying into Italy check out Alitalia fly from several destinations in the UK into both Lamezia and Reggio Calabria airports. Check out their websites for more details on how you can get there:, Tel: 0871 246 0000,, Tel: 0870 544 8259.

How much do the airfares to Italy costs?
This will depend on the time of year you fly. Check out the website above for more details.

How do I get to Tropea, once I am in Italy?
We can pick you up from the airport or you can get a taxi, but remember to fix a price with the taxi driver first. If you decide to hire a car there is a Car hire centre just outside Lamezia airport, alternatively, book one before you go on the following telephone numbers
Hertz Tel: +39 0968 51533
Europcar Tel. +39 0968 51541
Maggiore Tel: +39 0968 51331 gets good discounts on Car Hire from Lamezia Airport (usually Europcar). However once in Tropea, it is not always necessary to have a car as everything is very central. So alternatively, catch the panoramic train from Lamezia rail station straight into Tropea station. This journey takes approx 1 hour and costs as little as 3 Euros. Similarly you can catch the train from Reggio Calabria airport and head north towards Tropea.

Will I get help to find rental accommodation whilst I am looking at properties in Tropea?
Take a look at Holiday lets our villas and apartaments that are in our web. If you prefer to stay in a bed and breakfast, we can recommend one in between Tropea and Capo Vaticano called La casa Di Calliope. Contact Antonio, who can also give you Italian lessons whilst you are there.

If I buy a property to renovate, will I get any help to find a local builder etc?
Yes, we are committed to helping our customers and know many good professional local builders and will assist every step of the way.

If I buy in Tropea, what is the next step and how do I find out what paperwork I need to obtain and complete?
If you do decide to buy a property or land in Italy you will need to find an Italian solicitor, who can act on your behalf. There are essential documents that you will need for any transaction in Italy, particularly a Codice Fiscale. We can recommend a good solicitor for you to speak to, if required.

We intend to rent our property to holidaymakers and/or possibly long term rentals - do you offer a management service ?
We operate a full management service. Cost to be discussed and agreed.

If I buy, I will need to furnish it, where will I buy reasonable priced contemporary furniture?
This question is very common, Cristian Buttafuoco can help you to buy your furnutures in shops near Tropea very cheap or you can buy everything in one visit to Ikea in Naples, who will deliver to your door for a charge. However if travelling to Naples doesn't appeal there is a large hypermarket in Calabria called emmezeta, which, like Ikea, sells a large selection of goods. The shop is located in Località Pantoni 87046 - Mantalto Uffugo (CS) tel.+39.0984.925200, visit the website

Can you supply me with any more/new information about the property/land?
We regularly receive new properties and land for sale and our website is constantly being updated, so if there is nothing currently on our website that suits your needs, keep looking, as there may be tomorrow! If you have a particular requirement in mind and would like us to perform a local property search, we can, so please ‘contact us' using the links provided. We also issue a quarterly latest news which is placed on this website under LATEST NEWS with current updates on our company and our properties. If you would like to receive a hard copy please pass on your details via the contact us button.

When is the best time of year to visit Tropea for viewing properties?
The best time to visit Tropea with a view to buying would be in September -October -November-December - March-April-May-June-July-August. At this time of year the weather is comfortable, you can meet the friendly locals and generally get a feel for the place, without it being too busy. Don't rush or let yourself be rushed, it's a very important decision you are making. You will also find that the cost of flights at this particular time of the year is very reasonable.

These are just a sample of questions we have received in the past year. If you have a particular question that you would like to ask and it has not been covered above, please contact us.