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Find the property that best suits your needs, in addition to the sale, the agency will make you make your property in Tropea and its surroundings.

Lovely semidetached house for sale just a few steps from the sea

Rif: Costadeglidei112
Place: Zambrone
€ 130.000

Lovely villa for sale in Capo Vaticano

Rif: Costadeglidei108
Place: Capo Vaticano
€ 380.000

Fantastic villa in a residential context in Parghelia

Rif: Costadeglidei93
Place: Parghelia

Fantastic house for sale just 3km from Tropea

Rif: Costadeglidei206
Place: Sant'Angelo di Drapia
€ 300.000

Dei Fiori Villas! With common pool

Rif: Costadeglidei204
Place: Zambrone
€ 290.000

Lovely Apartment for sale in Zambrone near Tropea

Rif: Costadeglidei192
Place: Zambrone
€ 165.000

Well mantained house for sale with pool and two guests house in Capo Vaticano

Rif: Costadeglidei158
Place: Capo Vaticano
€ 550.000

Excellent apartment for sale in Parghelia

Rif: Costadeglidei113
Place: Parghelia
€ 125.000

VILLA TORRETTA, Santa Maria di Ricadi (Capo Vaticano)

Rif: Costadeglidei107
Place: Capo Vaticano
€ 320.000

Apartment in Capo Vaticano, Ricadi, Calabria

Rif: Costadeglidei102
Place: Capo Vaticano
€ 185.000

New Construction in Zambrone

Rif: Costadeglidei101
Place: Zambrone

Excellent villa in a very quiet area in the hills of Tropea

Rif: Costadeglidei85
Place: Sant'Angelo di Drapia
€ 325.000

Small accommodation for sale in Zambrone

Rif: Costadeglidei67
Place: Zambrone
€ 590.000

Beautiful apartment for sale in Santa Maria di Ricadi

Rif: Costadeglidei56
Place: Capo Vaticano
€ 110.000

For sale 130smq of semidetached house with a great sea view in Parghelia

Rif: Costadeglidei44
Place: Parghelia
€ 165.000

New development with fantastic sea and Eolie’s islands view

Rif: Costadeglidei41
Place: Zambrone
€ 80.000

Villa Relax for sale in Capo Vaticano coast

Rif: Costadeglidei84
Place: Capo Vaticano
€ 210.000