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We have selected for you the best properties for sale in Tropea and surroundings. We specialize in the sale of new and old buildings, we have only in the municipality of Tropea more than 50 real estate units and several properties for sale in Tropea.

By clicking on "Sale Houses", you will find the best properties located in the municipality of Tropea at bargain prices on the market and you will find a real estate bank with a portfolio of about 100 properties for sale at reasonable prices located throughout our coast, covering: Capo Vaticano, Parghelia and Zambrone and more.

By clicking on Holidays in Tropea at the top, our agency rents villas and apartments at competitive prices.

🏠 Last entries for sales of houses in Tropea and surroundings

“Salina” “Aeolian Sunset” Villeas

Rif: Costadeglidei268
Place: Santa Domenica
€ 330000

Salina Luxury Apartments

Rif: Costadeglidei269
Place: Santa Domenica
€ 155000

Marasusa, Parghelia, Calabria, Italy

Rif: Costadeglidei143
Place: Parghelia
€ 63000

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Michele Vallone

Wir hatten das Vergnügen, bei unserem Immobilienkauf von “a” bis “z” von der Immobilienagentur Buttafuoco begleitet zu werden. Dieser war sehr präsent, höflich und...

Andrea Bry U.S.A.

From the very beginning of our communication with Cristian, we found him to be professional and courteous. His response to our emails was prompt...

Michael Aquilante

Cristian Buttafuoco è davvero il miglior agente immobiliare con cui abbiamo mai lavorato… in tre paesi diversi. Ha una grande conoscenza della sua comunità,...

Shaw James Mead, e-mail:

We are from the USA California, and have been traveling the world in search of the perfect vacation home. On our first visit to...

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