✅ We provide efficient transportation from Lamezia Terme airport to Tropea.

✅ As you seek an investment, we can offer accommodations at our various properties in Tropea, reimbursing you all costs if you buy a house through our agency.

✅ We schedule, according to your needs, all visits to our properties.

✅ We have the best builders and architects at our disposal for the construction and restoration of properties.

✅ We can assist you during the construction or renovation of your property with daily update videos and photos.
✅ We offer due diligence services (including investigation and in-depth analysis of data and information relating to the property under negotiation)
✅ We assist with sales and preliminary contract-drafting up to the signing of the deed.
✅ We can connect you with excellent lawyers should you need legal services regarding a property purchase or rental.
✅ We manage a wide range of excellent apartments and villas where can spend your holidays/ vacation.
✅ If a property we offer is not to your liking, you can make very specific requests that we will do our best to fulfill.
✅ We are experts in property management and booking via a broad range of platforms, including Airbnb, Expedia, Holiday-Rentals-Virbo-Holidaylettings- Tripadvisor, and others.
✅ We can guarantee an annual income for your property, with very low-cost commissions and guarantees that your property will be well-maintained and well-managed.
✅ We take care of all property management issues related to the rights and obligations of property owners, with an emphasis on optimizing your return on investment, and minimizing burdens.