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Find the property that best suits your needs, in addition to the sale, the agency will make you make your property in Tropea and its surroundings.

Semidetached house for sale in Santa Domenica di Ricadi

Rif: Costadeglidei205
Place: Santa Domenica
€ 229998

Fantastic panoramic houses for sale in Zambrone

Rif: Costadeglidei214
Place: Zambrone
€ 290000

Large apartment with sea views in the center of Tropea

Rif: Tropea 198
Place: Tropea
€ 225000

“Potentially successful and Popular holiday rental property

Rif: tropea80
Place: Tropea
€ 390000

Fantastic penthouse for sale in Tropea

Rif: tropea156
Place: Tropea
€ 569000

Large apartment for sale in Tropea in via Labirinto

Rif: Tropea215
Place: Tropea
€ 235.000

The property is located in Tropea on Via Vittorio in a central

Rif: Tropea213
Place: Tropea
€ 210.000

Apartment for sale in Marasusa – Parghelia

Rif: Tropea212
Place: Parghelia
€ 55000

Large apartment for sale in the central area of Tropea

Rif: Tropea211
Place: Tropea
€ 159.000

Villa Pace for sale in Tropea

Rif: Tropea210
Place: Tropea

Penthouse for sale in the heart of the historic center of Tropea

Rif: Tropea209
Place: Tropea
€ 300.000

Potentially successful and Popular holiday rental property

Rif: Tropea208
Place: Tropea
€ 180.000

Residenza Leucolea Tropea

Rif: Tropea193
Place: Tropea
€ 450.000

Good size villa with sea view for sale in Tropea

Rif: Tropea191
Place: Tropea
€ 390.000

Eliseo Palace

Rif: Tropea178
Place: Tropea
€ 230.000

Apartment for sale in Tropea a few steps from the sea

Rif: Tropea177
Place: Tropea
€ 250.000