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Find the property that best suits your needs, in addition to the sale, the agency will make you make your property in Tropea and its surroundings.

For sale, a brand new villa with about 10.000 square meters of land.

Rif: Costadeglidei86
Place: Santa Domenica
€ 450000

Six affordable, two bedrooms apartments,1 km from the sea an

Rif: Tropea 27
Place: Tropea
€ 130000

Great offer for sale in Tropea

Rif: Tropea194
Place: Tropea
€ 250000

For sale, a nice apartment in Parghelia

Rif: Costadeglidei146
Place: Parghelia
€ 130000

The Corallone apartament

Rif: Tropea12
Place: Tropea
€ 490000

Semidetached house for sale in Santa Domenica di Ricadi

Rif: Costadeglidei205
Place: Santa Domenica
€ 230000

Fantastic panoramic houses for sale in Zambrone

Rif: Costadeglidei214
Place: Zambrone
€ 290000

Large apartment with sea views in the center of Tropea

Rif: Tropea 198
Place: Tropea
€ 225000

“Potentially successful and Popular holiday rental property

Rif: tropea80
Place: Tropea
€ 390000

Fantastic penthouse for sale in Tropea

Rif: tropea156
Place: Tropea
€ 569000

Large apartment for sale in Tropea in via Labirinto

Rif: Tropea215
Place: Tropea
€ 235.000

The property is located in Tropea on Via Vittorio in a central

Rif: Tropea213
Place: Tropea
€ 210.000

Apartment for sale in Marasusa – Parghelia

Rif: Tropea212
Place: Parghelia
€ 55000

Large apartment for sale in the central area of Tropea

Rif: Tropea211
Place: Tropea
€ 159.000

Villa Pace for sale in Tropea

Rif: Tropea210
Place: Tropea

Penthouse for sale in the heart of the historic center of Tropea

Rif: Tropea209
Place: Tropea
€ 300.000

Potentially successful and Popular holiday rental property

Rif: Tropea208
Place: Tropea
€ 180.000