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Find the property that best suits your needs, in addition to the sale, the agency will make you make your property in Tropea and its surroundings.

Villa Mediterranea Tropea

Rif: Tropea57
Place: Tropea

A good income in a wonderfull place like Tropea

Rif: Tropea55
Place: Tropea
€ 115000

Fantastic property for sale in Tropea

Rif: Tropea31
Place: Tropea

Penthouse with panoramic views in Tropea

Rif: Tropea26
Place: Tropea
€ 290.000

Nice apartament for sale in Tropea

Rif: Tropea21
Place: Tropea
€ 170.000

Beautiful historic, 120 square metre in Tropea

Rif: Tropea17
Place: Tropea
€ 370.000

Large and attractive town house a few minutes walk from Tropea

Rif: Tropea15
Place: Tropea
€ 1200000

Located just off Tropea main road

Rif: Tropea14
Place: Tropea
€ 185.000

Farm house for sale in Tropea

Rif: Tropea13
Place: Tropea
€ 279.500

Structure under construction for sale just 2 km from Tropea. Good deal!

Rif: Costadeglidei100
Place: Sant'Angelo di Drapia
€ 259.000

Zambrone Detached villa for sale

Rif: Costadeglidei106
Place: Zambrone

Large penthouse for sale in Santa Domenica

Rif: Costadeglidei203
Place: Santa Domenica
€ 165.000

Il terrazzo apartments Parghelia

Rif: Costadeglidei145
Place: Parghelia
€ 135000

Fantastic sea view property for sale in in Capo Vaticano

Rif: Costadeglidei133
Place: Capo Vaticano
€ 790009

Beautiful apartment for sale in Santa Maria di Ricadi

Rif: Costadeglidei114
Place: Capo Vaticano
€ 155.000