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Who is Immobiliare Buttafuoco Cristian & Company and why choose this agency?
Immobiliare Buttafuoco Cristian & Company is a go-to agency that makes complex choices easy, such as finding the best real estate investments and managing them with on-site professionals in the sector.

What makes us unique is that we listen to the needs of our customers, and work together with you on your investment projects from beginning to end.

Agenzia Immobiliare Buttafuoco - Cristian Buttafuoco

We take care of real estate sales and property management and any issues related to the rights and obligations of property owners, with an emphasis on optimizing your return on investment, and minimizing burdens on the investor.

Immobiliare Buttafuoco Cristian & Company operates in Tropea, Calabria (VV), along the paradisical Costa Degli Dei (Zambrone and Capo Vaticano), and in other nearby Italian tourist resorts. As one of the least expensive, high-quality brokerages in Italy, our clients have chosen us to help them make profitable investments for the past 15 years.

The agency is run by Cristian Buttafuoco, a real estate broker in the region since 2003, who is licensed with the Chamber of Commerce of Vibo Valentia, Businesses for Italy and the F.I.M.A. Cristian is responsible for profit-generating properties across Calabria and beyond. All sales and rental services are carried out directly by the agency, which boasts extensive experience in the sector, and a facility with a wide variety of languages.

Immobiliare Buttafuoco Cristian & Company is located in the heart of the historic center of Tropea on Via Indipendenza 28.
The agency has been a significant success from its very beginning, generating excellent results for clients who have chosen to invest their savings in a holiday/ vacation home or rental property. This is thanks to the quality of the properties, the selection of which have been expertly guided by the agency’s owner and manager.

Cristian Buttafuoco, with his passion for the real estate field, will advise and guide you in the realization of your dream, helping you to invest your savings in an optimal way.

The agency also has the advantage of enjoying a close relationship with a significant number of banks in the region, should you need financial services.

Cristian Buttafuoco, real estate agent since 2003, has helmed the company since its inception. He has created and designed both summer and winter properties, and is dedicated to helping you find holiday/ vacation homes capable of generating sizeable profits during your absence. Statistically, both Italians and non-Italians prefer the sea. Combined with the culinary flavors, fascinating history, and year-round mild climate that Calabria offers, investing in the region is a recipe for success.

Cristian divides holiday/ vacation homes into two categories:
Until a few years ago, the typical Italian holiday/ vacation, where Italians would often return to one’s home region for an entire month, was the norm. That is no longer the case. Italians and other Europeans today are now enjoying weekend getaways – stealing a couple of days if they can. This new trend has given rise to the concept of holiday/ vacation properties as places for owners to go for a few days of relaxation, while renting their properties out to tourists from all parts of the world in their absence.

Want to stay by the ocean? A stone’s throw from the beach or a little more isolated? For those with families, we recommend proximity. But for those who are more sporty and love tranquility, there are other excellent solutions. Such as staying in the wild and beautiful Calabrian hinterland, a nature-lover’s paradise.

There are a wide variety of good investment options. Do you want a large property, with convenience and amenities, or do you prefer a small place that holiday-goers can use as a base? These are important investment decisions, and we can help you make the wisest choices. You might be looking for holiday/ vacation homes to share with friends or multiple families, or to spend long periods of time in your retirement. In these cases, a larger property might make the most sense. Friends with hesitant spouses sometimes decide to join forces to purchase properties. In one case, two close English friends living in distant cities chose a common destination to vacation in together, with the possibility that their respective families could join them. Retired couples enjoy extended stays on our tranquil coast, while young “smart-working” couples choose to escape the city’s frenetic pace for a while, in favor of a quiet seaside getaway. In these cases, large houses could be the right choice – rented more easily to large families during your absence. Or perhaps a smaller house makes sense for you. One that you can rent out for weekends to couples, small groups and small families.

Why choose Tropea and the Costa Degli Dei?
From the Sunday Times:
Voted # 1 in the Top 20 destinations to visit in the London Sunday Times, Tropea is a Mediterranean jewel. This splendid stretch of coast from Pizzo to Nicotera known as the Coast of the Gods – combines a spectacular sea and a panorama that is simply breathtaking. Calabria is a region rich in culture, history and exquisite local cuisine. Tropea is located only 45 minutes from Lamezia Terme airport, which is well-connected with numerous international airports. Flight routes often increase during the summer months as Tropea transforms into a bustling hub for vacationers, tourists and citizens who enjoy the stunning beauty of the area, and its many historic sites. Lamezia is also well-connected to Tropea by rail and local buses. With a magnificent historic center, Tropea is a hidden treasure with a rich history dating back to the Phoenicians of deep antiquity, followed by the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Saracens, Normans and beyond. It is also a culinary haven, blessed with uniquely delicious local products and dishes, sustained by a robust Calabrian culture. Or, simply come here to enjoy the Mediterranean sun almost all year round.